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Tamron announces the development of the stabilized zoom 150-600 mm f5 -6.3

Compatible with full-format SLR cameras, this lens is here to replace the 200-500 mm.

Tamron stabilized zoom 150-600 mm f5 -6.3

The reign of the veteran 200-500 mm Tamron as one of the zooms with longer focal is about to end. The company has already announced the development of a new 150-600 mm f5 -6.3 stabilized zoom, specially developed for full-format cameras, capable of offering coverage equivalent to 233-930 mm.

With no additional information yet on pricing and availability, Tamron emphasized on the new features such as the VC optical stabilizer and lens coatings. Its size is also worth noticing (barrel measures 258 mm) as well as its weight (about 1900 grams), uncommon for such a model.

Equipped with ultrasonic focusing motor, this new Tamron features an optical schematic of 20 items divided into 13 groups and a 9- blade circular diaphragm that promises a great performance.

The new Tamron 15-600 mm f5 -6.3 Di VC is available in versions for Nikon, Canon and Sony cameras, the latter devoid of the aforementioned optical stabilizer.

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