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The best affordable Camera 2014 (Under 800 dollars)

The technical magazine, Digital Camera, has launched a study that compares different affordable reflex and CSC cameras to determine which ones offer the best image quality for the most affordable price. Nikon D3300 and Panasonic DMC-GG6 received the highest scores. Find out why they are the best!

Nikon D3300

Despite being a low-enda reflex camera, its potential and versatility don’t go unnoticed. That’s why the Nikon D3300 is the best choice to capture photos of impressive quality at a low price. This is a small DSLR camera, but it is big in benefits: it is solidly-built and has an innovative one-piece design, it has a 24.4 megapixel image sensor that is able to capture images with astounding detail, and also offers excellent image quality with very high ISO values, due to its Expeed 4 image processor and its low-pass suppression filter. Its automatic focus is faster than other models and more effective in poor lighting scenarios, which demonstrates its high performance level.

Nikon D3300

The Nikon D3300 is the second best affordable camera according to the technical magazine, Digital Camera.

Additionally, to make its easier to use by amateur photographers, the Nikon D3300 contains a new type of shot guide, which gives its users an interactive step-by-step guide to obtain their desired picture.

Its downside is that its LCD screen does not tilt and is not a touch-screen. Furthermore, it does not have Wi-Fi capabilities, which are features that similar cameras possess.

Panasonic DMC-G6

Despite being a camera without interchangeable objective mirrors, the perks and features offered by the Panasonic DMC-G6 allows it to join the reflex category.

It is thicker than other compact cameras and has a built-in viewfinder with a completely bendable OLED screen with 14.4 megapixel resolution, aside from its pop-up flash and an easy-to-hold handle.

Panasonic DMC-G6

The Panasonic DMC-G6 is the second best affordable camera according to the technical magazine, Digital Camera.

It has an astounding shutter-type dial, which contains the main picture modes and artistic effects, as well as two customizable options that will be loved by the most creative of photographers. The picture colors are very natural and the image quality is also impressive.

Although it offers a range of choices, it only has a two-minute maximum exposure bulb, a very low value when compared with other cameras of similar range.

These are the two best cameras according to the technical magazine, Digital Camera. What do you think? Are you convinced by any of them? We want to know what you think!

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