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The Fuji X -Pro2 will have a APS-C format sensor.

It seemed like the most sensible step to take by Fujifilm: the changing of the Fuji X -Pro1, its first star product, to also count with an APS-C format sensor. And so it says a trusted source from Fujirumors, the X-Pro2 will keep a smaller format. There were various speculations about this and a few eager Fuji fans that wanted to see a full frame Fuji X-Pro2, but probably it’s not something that is going to happen, at least on this line of cameras.

Fuji X -Pro2

Now it remains to be seen if the Fuji X200 will be responsible for introducing the full format on the X Series, or if all that speculation in the past was not valid and whether the future of the larger sensor Fujifilm cameras will come in a medium format instead.

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