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The Fujifilm XF 23 mm f1.4 will hit the market in October

Like they made public earlier this spring, the long-awaited Fujinon 23 mm XF f1.4 R is finally here. With an angle of view equivalent to 35 millimeters with universal films, its f1.4 aperture makes it (along with the 35 mm f1.4) in the most luminous lens of the manufacturer for mirror less cameras, all of them with the APS-C CMOS X-Trans sensor. At least until the 56 mm f1.2 is released next year, of course.

The official release price hasn’t been officially confirmed, but the German division of the brand said it will cost 900 dollars and, like we previously mentioned, it will be available on October.

The younger of the Fujinon weights 300 grams and a size of 63 millimeters, which –according to Fujifilm- make the smaller and lightest of its kind. It has HT-EBC coating to control reflections and aberrations, and features optic distortion correction instead of the more common digital correction.

Fujifilm XF 23 mm f1.4

It also features a 7-blade diaphragm, the scale of distances and depth of the field and agility –Fujifilm states- of the integrated focus engine.

Fujifilm XF 23 mm f1.4

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