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The mirrorless Full Frame Canon will be compatible with EF lenses

Canon is working in a mirrorless camera with a Full Frame sensor. They have recently released the Canon EOS M5 with an APS-C sensor and no mirror, a novelty in the catalog, but we are still waiting for the Full Frame. Now news tells us that the mirrorless Canon will be compatible with all EF lenses of the brand.

Compatible with your lenses

If you have a Canon camera with Full Frame sensor, obviously you also have a whole series of high quality lenses to use.


Compatible with Canon EF lenses

Some of them could be remarkably costly. And of course, the idea of moving to a mirrorless if that means having to renew all your lenses, is not very striking. However, that will not be the case with Canon’s new mirrorless Full Frame sensor camera. The latest news coming from Canon Rumors are very clear in this regard. The new body of the Canon mirrorless will be compatible with Canon EF lenses.

Canon Full Frame Mirrorless

We still do not know, of course, the characteristics the camera will have, and it is impossible to get an estimate of the resolution of the sensor, or it’s speed. Keep in mind that unlike what happens with Sony or Fujifilm, Canon has DSLR cameras that would compete with this one in the market, and they do not want to steal sales from themselves, so they could limit the specs on this Full Frame camera. It would not be ideal for users, but we’ll see which way Canon follows.

At the moment, it seems that they will not fragment the lens catalog with a new line for this Full Frame, instead it will be compatible with all, or at least with most, EF lenses that the firm has available in the market.

Its launch is not expected until next year. The beginning of 2017, at the CP+ Show in February, could be the chosen date. But if not, it would not be unusual to have to wait until the middle of the next year. Neither of the great two on the DSLR market, Nikon and Canon, have wanted to launch their professional mirrorless cameras too quickly because they know how relevant it is to hit this launch.

Nor can we forget that a mirrorless without interchangeable lenses and with a Full Frame sensor from Canon also awaits us even before this camera, so it seems that the camera discussed in this article will not be the first to arrive.

So we’ll have to wait a bit more. Meanwhile, of course, we will continue to receive news about the characteristics of this new camera.

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