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The new iMac Retina disappoints in the benchmark.

Last week Cupertino’s company presented a new line of “all in one” desktop computers, named iMac Retina because of its 5K resolution. Besides introducing a higher resolution screen, several of its hardware components has been modified.

In spite of the changes that Apple has introduced in to their iMac Retina new line with regard to their previous models; and despite that the 5K resolution offers a really astonishing experience, the first benchmark performance tests applied to these models are reporting data that, certainly, represent a very reduced evolution in terms of power. Based on the information Apple offered in the launch event, everything suggested that the “updates” would be higher and better.

In the Apple’s website it can be seen how Cupertino’s company announces their new gamut as “the most potent iMac ever seen”, while the reality that the first benchmarks show is that the advantage between the new iMac Retina and the preceding ones, is very reduced.

iMac Retina benchmark

iMac Retina benchmark

According to the data offered by this performance tests, it’s evident that in this time, Apple has opted for giving emphasis, among their novelties, to the new iMac Retina resolution, while performance hasn´t been optimized to a large degree. Anyway, there won’t be able “major improvements” in terms of performance on the Cupertino’s “all in one” desktop computers until the new Broadwell chips be launched, which is scheduled for the coming 2015.

These expected processers, which probably Apple would have proposed its introduction on the iMac Retina development, have accumulated several delays and, according to the latest information that we have, it is expected that they finally arrive at July 2015

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  1. Please note that you are comparing the i5 versions of the new iMac, while some of the competing computers are i7 machines, so it is not a fair comparison.

    In fact, if you look closely, you will see that the i5 Retina machine outperforms all the previous i5 iMac’s.

    Myself, I am awaiting a Broadwell-based Mac.

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