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The new Sony A7S features 409600 ISO and 4K video recording

The Sony A7S has been presented, a model that seeks to enter the market of digital video recording thanks its 4K recording and the ability to reach up to 409600 ISO. Now the question is, who really benefits from this?

Sony A7S

Everyone is talking about the Sony A7S, which isn’t surprising, as it is capable of recording 4K video and reaching 409,600 ISO. This is without a doubt a professional camera with excellent features, but the question is, do we really need such a high resolution and specialized specs?

This 12-megapixel camera (the A7 and A7R had 24 and 36 megapixels, respectively, by the way) keeps the Full Frame sensor, which means it can reach high ISO levels without making the quality suffer too much. The results in almost total darkness are spectacular, as it doesn’t have problems shooting under those situations. Sony has also decided to get rid of the AVCHD codec, now featuring XAVC, a codec specially designed for 4K resolutions.

Sony A7S

The conclusion we draw from this beautiful range of technical aspects is that the A7S will take Canon’s spot in the market in regards to digital video recording. This is a tremendously versatile camera that truly menaces Canon’s reign. The A7S has been apparently created by and for video enthusiasts, as it has virtually everything you need for such a task.

Now, the question is, are all these features and specs really needed? My opinion is that if the model really costs $1999, as rumors say, it will be excellent for professional users who can take full advantage of its features. 4K video recording is spectacular, but it can’t be fully utilized by every device out there. Having a cheap phone or camera capable of 4K video recording is useless since these devices don’t commonly support high-speed and large-especially sizes cards, which means big-sized files are out of the question.

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