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The newest Garmin camera records everything that happens in the road

Russia has started a trend that now even has specific products. Garmin wants to take part in this “road recording” trend and presented during the CES in Las Vegas a new camera for your car. It costs 250 USD, it’ll hit the market on February and it will record even the slightest detail in case of an accident.

This Garmin camera is installed in the rear windshield. In case of an accident, it records how, where and when it happened, so you always have proof in case of any kind of trouble with the police or your insurance company.

As soon as you turn the vehicle on, the Dash Cam starts recording, saving everything into a 4 GB microSD –it supports cards of up to 32GB-. Thanks to an integrated sensor, is can detect accidents caused by sudden braking, saving the time, date and place where it all happened.

A small 2.3-inch LCD screen on the back lets you adjust its angle and several other options. A great idea. The version without GPS will cost 220 USD, although the positioning option can be a deciding factor when dealing with investigations.

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