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The Nikon D800s may be announced on June 26th.

For a while now, we have heard talk about the successor of the Nikon D800 and the rumors have started to take shape as the date of its announcement approaches. So fat it seems that the elected date will be within a couple of weeks, on June 26th. I have already talked to you about the possible improvements of this alleged Nikon D800s, which will revolve around a better automatic focus and the absence of a low-pass filter, as it already occurred with the Nikon D800E.

We now have more complete specifications on this new SLR camera. In theory, it will carry a complete format sensor (or FX, according to Nikon terminology) with a 36 megapixel resolution. Like I said before, this time there won´t be any AA filtered version. More and more manufacturers are choosing to get rid of it and it looks like no one´s missing it.


The camera will have an Expeed 4 processor, a new LCD screen with a higher resolution than its predecessor and the possibility of capturing images in sRAW format. It will include also an integrated GPS but no WiFi connectivity. For that I imagine that the user would need to buy the Nikon adaptor. The camera will be lighter that the D800 and D800E, but it will also be more expensive (around 3300 dollars aprox.).

To all this we should add the improved video capabilities, the same improvements on the auto focus system already presented by the Nikon D4s, better performance when working without much light, and a higher burst shooting speed: 5 photos per second or 6 photos per second if we use the optional MB-D12 handle.

By the way, the name Nikon D800s is only a supposition but everyone is referring to it that way and it would make sense, since it is what Nikon usually does with its cameras. Also, it doesn´t appear as if we are before a significant change in specs that would require new nomenclature.

I should remind you that the Nikon D800 has been with us since 2012. It has a 36.3 mega pixel CMOS FX sensor, an Expeed 3 processor, a sealed body, a 3.2 inch LCD screen and an optic viewfinder with a 100% coverage. Its automatic focus system has 51 points, 15 of them cross-over style and has a sensibility range between 50 and 25600 ISO The camera shoots bursts at 4 photos per second, it has an electronic level, integrated flash, HDMI port and full HD video capture at 24 or 30 photos per second.

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