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The Panasonic GH4 will cost 1700 USD

Many are waiting for Panasonic to release the new Lumix GH camera. We already know the specs of the Lumix GH4, but the price was missing.


Panasonic has already published it on their website and now it’s time for us to decide. 1700 USD (likely 1700 EUR in Europe). Is it worth it? We’ll see when we test it, but it does not seem that it will disappoint.

The 16-megapixel sensor also allow for UHD video recording (3840 x 2160) at 29.97 frames per second. Given past experiences with the Lumix GH series, the recording will likely be excellent.

Both Sony and Fujifilm have presented their own cameras to compete against this, but neither has included this resolution. It remains to be seen if this resolution is useful, but we’re sure it will.

The Lumix GH4 is expected to hit the market on April. The official price for the European consumers has not been confirmed, but it will likely cost 1700 EUR.

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