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The RAW of the Nikon D810 and Adobe: a mysterious result, more or less

A few days ago I ranted at you all a little about the mystery of the Nikon D RAW and its conversion with the DNG Converter: Ftc 30-7-2014. I ranted against Adobe, which you all know by now comes pretty easily to me.

Well, today I see that Adobe has published the definitive (non-beta) version of ACR and DNG Converter 8.6. Naturally, the first thing I’ve done is install it and try it on the NEF files that, until 48 hours ago, wouldn’t open.

This time I was able to open them easily in CS3, but, what a surprise! The images had a size of 3680×2456, or 9 megapixels instead of the corresponding 36. Once again on the brink of madness and with a powerful metadata editor, I look at the image size of the original NEF, and it turns out that the NEFs that Iker provided in his article are reduced in size. He must have taken them in DX format or something.

So, mystery solved: the DNG Converter correctly converts the Nikon D810’s NEF files to DNG files, which can then be opened with Photoshop, depending on the compatibility we’ve chosen on the converter. To my great joy, I can also tell you that the Nikon D810 doesn’t have a more-than-habitual “poltergeist” of the DNG’s size when converting the file back. As they should, the DNG files have a smaller size than the original NEFs.

“More than yesterday and less than tomorrow” is what I like about the Nikon D810. Are you listening, Canon?

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  1. CS3? What’s wrong with you? Just buy/pirate CS6 already.

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