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The Sony QX, a lens for mobile devices, is here

Sony QX

Each time a high-end Smartphone hits the market, the cameras of these devices get a little bit better: better resolutions, bigger pixels like the HTC One, better luminosity and much more. All of this means the lens of mobile devices will someday rival those of cameras.

Sony has always been an innovative company known for taking risks and releasing products that set trends, like the One Touch technology we talked about yesterday. And now, today we will talk about the Sony QX, a lens for mobile devices from the Japanese manufacturer.

Sony QX, the latest in smart phone photography

To be exact, this isn’t exactly a lens, but actually a series of lenses capable of offering more levels of zoom, luminosity and image quality.

The Sony QX features a new sensor that actually makes it a complete camera instead of a series of lenses. Thanks to this, it’s capable of offering better results than any other smart phone camera out there, even comparable with some actual cameras.

Sony QX

It does look like a lens, so you may be wondering “how do I connect it to my phone?” Each smart phone manufacturer places the camera wherever they feel like it; the Sony QX will adapt to any device we have.

Thanks to its Wi-Fi connectivity, it’s very easy to link this device to your phone. You can see what the camera is pointing at in real time, as if it were a conventional camera. You can operate it with the included adapter.

You can also use it wirelessly without attaching it to your phone, so you can take pictures or yourself or in angles that would be otherwise impossible. A fun, interesting and very useful feature.

There are two models available: the Sony QX10 with 18.2-megapixel sensor, minimum aperture of f/3.3 and a length of (in the 35mm equivalent) 25-250mm. Then we have the QX100, a model with a 20.2-megapixel sensor, the latest from Sony, and an amazing aperture of f/1.8.

As you can see, they’re noticeable different: the former is for those who look for a compact camera. The latter, while not as powerful as a reflex, has a very powerful sensor and offers a great performance and excellent image quality.

Sony QX

Without a doubt, these devices are perfect for those looking for great image quality without buying a whole new camera, since all you need is your smart phone, and the Sony QX is compatible with most of them.

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