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TomTom Bandit, a sports video camera with autoedit feature

TomTom is currently in a delicate position as a company, at least in terms of the hardware division. Smartphones have left GPS navigators out of the market, and though the company has navigation software and maps enough to survive by licensing their technology applications or selling their applications, they want to give it a try in the world of action cameras with the new TomTom Bandit.

In terms of technical features, it doesn’t offer anything that we have not seen in other cameras, including models with more than one year on the market. We are talking about recording at a maximum resolution of 4K but with a frame rate per second of only 15 FPS, recording at 2.7K at 30 FPS, and 1080p at 60FPS and 120FPS on 720p mode. It is water resistant with a protective lens that comes with the case, thus complying with the IP78 standard.

TomTom Bandit

All this comes also with a 16 megapixel sensor capable of taking bursts at full resolution, WiFi, Bluetooth, USB 3.0 connectivity, and a 1,900 mAh battery that is easily removable, rechargeable via USB, which offers a range of about three hours of continuous recording at 1080p. The battery also includes the card slot, and USB port to connect to the PC directly in reader mode.

What makes this camera different from the others is its video autoedit function when connected to a smartphone. Based on the different camera sensors that detect the position, acceleration, G forces, rotation and even heart rate if you have the extra accessory that measures it, the Bandit can detect the best moments, or at least where there is more action, and edit a video automatically, preventing further editing that is always needed in the videos usually recorded with these cameras.

This system also allows a manual control, as by pressing a button you can add real-time recording to the videos called "highlighted experiences". Also, you can edit out any unwanted scenes from the mobile app available.

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