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Vernee puts Xiaomi in check with their new Vernee MIX 2

The Chinese manufacturer Vernee hasn’t stopped with their new releases. The Mars Pro, the M5, and now the new MIX 2, a terminal with a virtually borderless screen that aims to compete with the Xiaomi MIX 2, both by features and by name. We tell you as little as we know.

Not so long ago, dual camera phones were a hit, but now smartphones with their front almost completely occupied by their screen have taken that place, like the Xiaomi MIX 2, and now the Vernee MIX 2. The latter manufacturer puts Xiaomi, the world’s most recognized Chinese manufacturer, in check, by naming their latest smartphone exactly the same, and with similar specs, but with a more competitive price, trying to get the public’s attention in some way.

Vernee MIX 2

At the moment, little is known about the new device. In Xiaomi’s advertising, they announce their phone as "bezel-less 2.0" (without edges 2.0) and presume that it has an almost perfect design, so that the entire front is occupied by the screen. However it seems that Vernee goes the same way since they announce it as "not only bezel-less 2.0" (not only without edges 2.0), making it see that it has "something more" than expected. It is not known what surprise will hide the brand’s new model.

There is a real filtered photo of the device, although it must still be a prototype. Because of the size of the device, it appears that its borderless screen has an 18: 9 aspect ratio, being twice as long, and almost exactly as wide. The edges of the screen have 2.5D curvature, giving a feel similar to the one given by the Samsung Note 8’s "infinity display", but no other specs are yet known. However, knowing the precedents of this manufacturer, it will not be long until we know the complete technical characteristics, price and launch date of the new device.

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