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VSCO and Snapseed: The two applications that all photographic smartphones should have

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Mobile photography is becoming more common. Let’s face it; it’s tiring to always carry a reflex camera around with you. It is true that with a smartphone we don’t get the same results, give unto Caesar what is Caesar’s, but the photos that you take with something so small are spectacular.

The mobile phone is not only useful for taking photos and sharing them on social networks. They are also useful to edit photos and make many types of corrections. Yes, Instagram exists for that, but today we would like to take about applications which no lover of photography should be without: VSCO and Snapseed. Do you know them? Don’t worry if you don’t know them. We will tell you all about them.

Snapseed, the classic mobile edition.


Some time ago all the applications used to edit photos on a mobile phone all shared the same problem: their interface was not well designed. They were not comfortable to use with your fingers even though they attempted to mimic and be an equivalent to what we have seen on computers.

This is why, among other reasons, Snapseed is triumphant: it is an easily used tool. It has different filters and effects to adjust many parameters: lighting, clipping, cutting and the introduction of frames. It is very versatile and anyone can use it without being an expert in the field.

We can get very good effects, in fact many photographer’s that use a mobile phone, use this application to re-touch their photos. It’s free and available for android, iPhone and the iPad. Want to see some examples? We recommend that you go on Instagram and look for the hashtag #Snapseed.

Snapseed is also perfect for HDR a technique which we explained. It doesn’t take up much space and due to its versatility. It is one application that you should not be without on your smartphone or tablet especially if you store photos on a cloud.

VSO cam, a modern proposition

VSO cam

During this time Snapseed has reigned with an iron hand in the world of mobile photography. However, it now has a strong competitor in the VSCO cam. This is a more professional application that is individualized to each phone.

When you install this application, which is free, adjust a series of the parameters so that it recognizes which mobile phone you use. This way you can get tools like filters and editing tools that will get you the best possible results. After installing, we will have an album in which we can add photos to our own gallery.

Each photograph is edited manually. There are many filters that can be used to do this. Some are free while others require payment. Though the latter of these are worth buying and they are not expensive. We can also make several changes to lighting, exposition, cropping and noise.

It is a more technical application since Snapseed doesn’t automate all our work. However, we are somewhat curious, and think it worth losing on automation, in exchange for all the settings. We will keep trying this application. Besides being able to share our photos we can all upload them to a cloud and always have them on hand.

Do you want to see photos processed with a VSCO cam? All you have to do is go to Twitter or Instagram and look for the hashtag #vscocam to see some examples. Which one do you like more? It is hard for us to choose one because each application can be useful at the appropriate time.

Remember if you have any doubts you can contact us in the comments section.

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